Fuudo wins in WCG Japan VF5

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fuudo wcg japan

Fuudo will be my opponent in my group stage for November WCG Grand Finals 2009 china. He is VF5R champion for Tougeki 2008… He also performed really well for a number of big name tournaments in Japan. Basically a crazy ass opponent. But the good thing is, he also plays SF4. So I will be talking with him about SF4 stuff as well. Hopefully, he will be nice enough to play some casuals with me 🙂

If anyone needs to ask Fuudo any questions, please feel free to let me know!



WCG Grand Finals 2009 Drawing VF5

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The results are out. I will be playing in group B for WCG 2009 grand finals in China. In short, I got the worst group in my whole WCG life. For the record, I have never gotten a easy group before. Thats fine and all. But this year, I noticed WCG changed how the seeding works.

IF you participated in WCG Grand finals last year, you will get seeding for this year. But realize how stupid that is when so many of the names are EMPTY! They are only countries because they havent had their national qualifiers yet! This screws up the seeding PLUS it makes no sense when we are representing our country not as an individual. Why are we seeded as a player and not country? Out of 12 players, 5 players’ name isnt even up. If they really want to do seeding based on players, at least please wait for everything to be over before doing the seeding.

As a player who is given a seeding, what did I get? I get to NOT play against German player Darius. Cos seeded players are spread out. So Germany is in Group A, naturally I will be given Group B. Any person who is sane will tell me that, they rather play against Germany than top 3 medalist countries in Group B rite? 🙂

So we have America who is 3rd, Japan who is 1st is World Finals last year and Singapore who is 2nd last year. We are all in the same group, isnt that a bit too much fun to begin with?

This happened to me before in WCG Grand Finals. This has happened yet again. Yes, I conclude WCG doesnt like me at all for participating too much over the last 5 years 😦

Daigo in Taiwan

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Daigo and SF4 Producer went to Taiwan for a Tournament. Daigo won the tournament in the end. The video is in chinese btw.

Tournament video links @ http://www.youtube.com/user/SF33TW#p/a

World Cyber Games 2009 Grand Finals Group Drawing

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WCG committee will select 2~8 competitive players (team) per game, based on their reputations and previous records, will be given a special seeding. List of the ‘seed players (teams)’ for each game title will be announced on October 13th, with map rotation information.

Let’s hope I get a special seeding this year 🙂

Forgot to mention that I found a sponsor to send me to WCG Grand Finals! The bad thing is, Danny couldnt go with me cos of his work commitment 😦

Dreamhack Singapore

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Dates: 24-25 October
Location: Singapore
DreamHack partner: Colosseum

Counter-strike 1.6 – 5on5 (PC)
– Winning team gets auto-berth to DreamHack Winter 2009 and travel expenses paid from point of qualifier to Jönköping, Sweden.
Street Fighter IV – 1on1 (XBOX 360)
– Winning team gets auto-berth to DreamHack Winter 2009 and travel expenses paid from point of qualifier to Jönköping, Sweden.

Link: http://www.dreamhack.se/global/facts.php?id=%20229

I will be joining for SF4… Its quite impossible for me to win cos most likely I will be going China for WCG Grand Finals. I will be playing VF5 more. WCG Grand Finals is around 1st week of Nov. Too many things going on at once 😦

Edit Update: Registeration website is working. Register through the website 🙂

SF4: 3v3 Singapore Tournament 12th Sept

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I failed to carry the team as the last player cos I screwed up my ultra. Sigh. It was a really bad mistake to do ultra when I had doubts. Probably got pressured into making a wrong decision. Although we lost, I know we all learned something. Well, I didnt expect myself to do this well in the tournament. On the side note, Team Melbourne lost early I think.

Videos should be uploaded soon. I saw some organizing staff taking videos.

1st Gackt(Ryu), Peihoon(Akuma), Angeline(Sagat)
2nd Leslie(Abel), Ganguro(Sagat), KT(Ryu)
3rd Xian(Ryu), SY(Rufus), Evante(Blanka) 

I(Viper) was teamed with Raymus(Akuma) and Jovian(Dhalsim). Jovian had really bad luck facing every single game with bad match ups. Raymus had really bad form failing every combo and setup sadly. This is my first time using Viper in Tournament. I am not really in the consistent yet. Yesterday, I felt really lucky though. I put $1 into the vendoring machine and got 3 soft drinks 🙂

1st game vs XI(Zangief, Rufus, Ryu)
Jovian Χ  Zangief 〇
Raymus X Zangief 〇
Tetra 〇 Zangief X
Tetra 〇 Rufus X
Tetra 〇 Ryu X

Jovian did ok against Zangief but end up losing in the end.
Raymus went up next cos Akuma has big advantage against Zangief. He ended up losing cos he teleported into Zangief’s Ultra… Out Yomi-ed
So I went last… Having to face 3 of them. Zangief was really hell for me. But I managed to land an ultra when the Zangief tried to ultra me. This changed the whole situation and I won.
Next was Vintagesouls’ Rufus. I dont know why I keep facing him. This is like the 3rd time! Rufus is one of Viper’s many bad match ups. I failed a few Thunder Kunckle Feint combos but Vintagesoul failed into punishing me. I managed to own him at the 1st round and he owned me the 2nd round. At the last round, I had a few pixels of life left. So little that I would die to just 1 throw. He did a dive kick into the corner to cross me up. I immediately uppercut FADC > Ultra him. Yesh! He is left with the same amount of health as me. The last yomi… In the previous rounds I baited him into doing EX Messiah Kick. So I thought he probably arent going to do it again and I have 2 EX bars left. I immediately uppercut him on wakeup. He got hit by it and I won! 🙂

2nd game vs mflo’s team(Boxer, Ken, Zangief)
Jovian X Boxer 〇
Raymus 〇 Boxer X
Raymus X Ken 〇
Tetra 〇 Ken X
Tetra 〇 Zangief X

Another crappy match up for Viper and Dhalsim.
Jovian missed a few super combo and lost to Boxer.
Raymus went up next won the Boxer with ease. Its a convincing win.
Next was Ken vs Raymus(Akuma). Somehow the Ken didnt feel that strong. Somehow Raymus ended up losing. I didnt really understood why?
Its me Viper left vs Ken and Zangief… It didnt feel right 😦
I forgot the details about how I went on beating the Ken. It wasnt really close I think. I just did normal anti air stuff.
Last was M-flo’s Zangief. AHHHHH I so hate Zangief. I lost to M-flo’s Zangief like 5times in casual. Never beat him before. 1st round I pwned him easily. Seismic seismic. Forced him to jump and beat all his jump ins with uppercut. I managed to throw him out of 1 or 2 lariats too. 2nd round, he pwned me… Dont know why it always happen this way with Viper 😦 Last round, I managed to get him down to half or something. He started counter attacking and got me to 10% Health. I figured he would try to chip me to death and I did my Ultra. I beat his Lariat with Ultra cos that’s the only way Viper can beat Lariat. I won 🙂

3rd game  vs SBK/Realdeal(Abel, Ryu, Zangief)
Jovian X Abel 〇
Raymus 〇 Abel X
Raymus X Realdeal 〇
Tetra X Realdeal 〇

Their Abel beat Jovian. Jovian was trying some random stuff hoping that it lands. He failed a crucial super combo… Also Abel ultra through Jovian’s Ultra 😦
Raymus vs Abel. He won but he failed alot of combos…
Raymus vs Realdeal Ryu. This is really one of our toughest opponent. Raymus tried to chip Realdeal with shoryuken. Sad to say Realdeal is those kind who would ex srk on wake up. Raymus lost that round. Everything else went down and he lost.
Its me against Ryu and Zangief… I hate Zangief but Realdeal is the main problem for us.
I played against Realdeal and startedout  strong. I was winning 1st round but he managed to turn back and beat me. 2nd round he had a life lead and spamming hadoukens on me. I was going to bait for his 2MK so I get a clutch ultra. But I failed in the distancing and he managed to hit me out of my EX seismic 😦  We lost.

4th game vs Joey/Foxy/Jonathan(Chun, Ryu, Sagat)
Jovian X Joey 〇
Raymus 〇 Joey X
Raymus X Foxy 〇
Tetra 〇 Foxy X
Tetra X Jonathan 〇

I felt this was the team we could win. No really bad match ups. Every should be fine imo.
Joey’s Chun beat Jovian’s Dhalsim. Usual hazanshu and fireball stuff.
Raymus beat Joey’s Chun. Forgot the details.
Raymus lost to Foxy(Ryu) cos of setups fail. He tried to Hurricane kick cross over and got srked out of it 😦
I beat Foxy with the usual gameplan. I forced him into corner. Constant pressuring and stuff.
Vs Jonathan Sagat. I was really confident on this match up. But in my mind I was thinking of how to make use of my new setups against him. I think it somehow confused me and my usual play style. Anyway, I won the 1st round easily. 2nd round I was being abit too offensive and lost. 3rd round, I screwed up on ultra and lost. I hesitated… I wanted to check if the distance is correct. So I ended up doing a ultra that will never hit………. Our team is out of the tournament 😦

SF4: Random technical stuffs

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Been training viper recently and trying to improve my overall technical knowledge of the game. Especially stupid match ups 😦

  • Rufus’s EX Messiah Kick followup into Somersault can be punished by Viper’s 2HP full damage 🙂 Its -18 even Ryu’s 6HP can punish Rufus.
  • Viper’s 2MP counterhit > TK Feint > 2MK is true 2 hit combo.
  • Viper’s jump HK beats SRK/Tiger uppercut cleanly on correct timing. I still dont really know the logic behind it.
  • 2149 Burning kick is still insanely difficult to perform consistently. But it hits crouching opponents all the time. Really need to train on that more.
  • Cross over jump HK > 2HP > TK Feint > 2HP doesnt work on Ryu and Ken 😦
  • Rufus’s EX snake hands beats non meaty jump in options. Which is damn sad. Alot of stuff are kind limited cos of that.
  • Viper seems to be able to crouch under some jump ins? Too short like Chun?