Virtua Fighter Q&A with Shinz

Probably gonna be the last update of the year. Had lots of stuffs to do after I came back from China. Finally got the time to do this!

This interview was done completely with Japanese. I cant speak korean and Shinz couldnt speak english. We had to communicate through Japanese. Shinz cant speak Japanese very well. We tried our best! Hope everyone like this interview!

Tetra: How long have you been playing Virtua Fighter
Ever since Virtua Fighter 1. I only played a bit during VF1 days.

Tetra: Do you like the direction the game has gone so far/do you think each new Virtua Fighter has been better than the last?
Shinz: I prefer VF5 the most. I didnt really like VF3 as much compared to VF4. In order of preference VF5 > VF4 > VF3

Tetra: Over the last year or so, do you notice the number of new and younger players playing Virtua Fighter increasing? Or have the names and faces stayed the same.
Shinz: I am busy with work. Very little time was spent playing games. I dont know about the current korean Virtua Fighter community

Tetra: How much time do you spend training a week?
Shinz: None recently. Around 2 years ago, I play around 10 hours a week.

Tetra: Does it ever get in the way of other obligations in your life?
Shinz: Nope. Previously I was doing freelancing. That is the reason I had more time to spend on gaming. Right now, I gave up most of my gaming time for a full time job.

Tetra: Who do you think are the most difficult opponents you’ll have to face?
Shinz: Fuudo.

Tetra: Have you ever played VF5R?
Shinz: I havent played VF5R. I havent been to Japan for a really long time.

Tetra: What do you think of Tekken 6, SF4, BlazBlue and any other big name fighters around right now, and how do they compare to VF?
Shinz: I tried playing a little SF4. SF4 isnt a suitable game for me. Tekken is big in Korea. 80% of the players in arcades play Tekken. 10% plays SF4.

Tetra: Do you have or have you had any issues with the seeding involved in the tournament?
Shinz: Group B’s players are definately too strong.

Tetra: What do you think about not having VF5R outside of Japan?
Shinz: No more tekken please! I am ok with VF5R not outside of Japan. But please release VF6 outside of Japan arcades.

Tetra: What type of training did you go through to becoming one of the strongest VF players of all time?
Shinz: I practiced 8hrs a day during VF3 days.

Tetra: What category would you put your style of play in?
Shinz: Stepping and technique type.

Tetra: At Kakutou Shinsheiki II you and POS Akira had featured exhibition matches against famous Japanese player Kyasao. How did Sega AM2 contact you about coming to Japan for that event?
Shinz: Sega Japan and Kyasa contacted me about the event.

Tetra: What is your favourite Virtua Fighter in regards to system.
Shinz: VF2. VF2 can play very offensively. Offensive style is better compared to defensive gameplay.


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