Welcome to Singapore! Poongko, Laugh and Itabashi

Met up with Itabashi, Laugh, Poongko, Yagami and TKA for lunch. Thanks to TKA for the lunch treat.

Its nice to see Laugh again after 3 months! Welcome back to Singapore!

We had lunch at Suntec, porridge buffet. Didnt really like it… Oops 😦

Anyway, we had lots of chatting. Afterwhich we visited Star Factory @ Suntec. Surprisingly we saw a familiar face there playing Boxer. Its m-flo aka Chris. Didnt expect to see him there. We left shortly because they were using the stretched resolution screens @ Suntec.

We reached Bugis arcade around 3+pm and started playing lots and lots. Argh so tiring! I just waited for my turn when Itabashi loses. The thing is, he is japanese arcade cultured. Players are expected to stand up after they lose. Yes, expect most Singaporeans to just sit down there and spam tokens when they lose. So I took turns with him when he lost.

Itabashi got a total of 23 wins streak at one point. Its pretty crazy considering every single top player was trying to take him down!

Some stuff that he mentioned,

  • Ganguro is his toughest opponent so far. Ganguro won Itabashi 3 times the entire night. He calls Ganguro, “Pac Man”.
  • Yagami have good fighting game sense and started to put up a better fight. Better anti air in the later fights.
  • Xian’s Ryu kinda surprised Itabashi. Good zoning there.
  • Ganguro’s skill level is around 30k+ BP. AAA-
  • Peihoon’s skill level is around 40k+ BP.
  • Leslie is pretty tough for him too.
  • SBK is pretty good in his opinion.
  • In general, we exceeded his expectations.
  • Poongko should play Viper instead. We both agreed on that.
  • If I play Akuma, he probably cant beat me. He based that on how well I played in SF4 and VF5.

~ by tetrasg on July 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “Welcome to Singapore! Poongko, Laugh and Itabashi”

  1. last comment on “If I play Akuma, he probably cant beat me. He based that on how well I played in SF4 and VF5.” who is I?

  2. I refers to tetra, he refers to itabashi, coz gief vs akuma is very bad match up, isnt it?

  3. 連コイン FTL

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