A new player in Singapore

Had some VF5 and SF4 games last week with a new player from Australia.

He is pretty good. Kinda shocking because I havent been playing too much VF5. Hard to react to attacks and defense.

He is looking for a job in Singapore. Hopefully, he finds one here! We will have 1 more player! 🙂

If you ever see him in Bugis arcade, say “hi!”

Side tracking abit, my Sagat is doing pretty good. Tried a game in the arcades got 3 wins easily. My 2LK x n linking still sucks though. Gonna practice on that more to level up my game play.


~ by tetrasg on March 3, 2009.

8 Responses to “A new player in Singapore”

  1. This is good news. How’s his SF4 standard?

  2. He is better in VF5 than SF4. Mainly because it cost 2$ to play 1 game in Australia!!!!!!

    Anyway he is visiting Bugis every week. He did mention, its difficult to get to play when all the singaporeans just repeatedly toss in coins.

  3. Hmm, I’ve been hearing about that alot lately. I posted a solution on my blog that I hope helps.

  4. hey tetra, don’t think you’ll rmb me, but good to see you playing SF4 =) Hope to play with you some day at PS or Bugis.

  5. I remember you! You played a bit of DOA rite? I got your phone number in my MIA handphone 😦

    Would love to see you again man 🙂

  6. think I saw you randomly at PS. You were at AFA too right? Now that I know that raymus knows you, I can cfm it’s you :p

    I’m currently serving NS though, but hope to see you soon :p

  7. hey Tetra, let’s play SF4 LIVE. 🙂

  8. Yap I am at PS sometimes. Cos I happen to work at Dhoby Ghaut. And I was at AFA to watch May’n!

    Raymus knows me yap 🙂

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