End of my Pro Gaming days in CGS

*UPDATED 12th May*

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for their endless support since my debut on 2005 WCG. Following that on 2007 CGS, people watched the program and realized how much potential Singapore team have.

I am glad that Singapore has finally made it BIG in the gaming scene because of CGS and my fellow team mates.

Right now, I am being removed from CGS Singapore Sword team. I am no longer a player. Yet I am not fired as our contract has long gone overdue 2~3mths back. I am sad yet I cant cry. There isnt anything I can do besides carrying on with my life without Dead or Alive, CGS and Pro gaming.

Although I regret what I have done due to the fact that my team is still in China playing against the top teams without me. I let them down yet I believed that Phenic deserved it. He deserved the slap that I gave him. The first ever slap I ever gave to anyone in my life.

Although the CGS staff claimed I disgraced my team, everyone else (the team included) has told me what a great job I have done and shown me huge support.

I do know this has caused alot of problems for CGS. Removing me caused them production costs as they had to redo filming and photoshoot. I sincerely apologize to CGS for that.

This whole issue is caused by not just me but everyone else involved in this league. Phenic as a manager failing his role. He did not announced to the other players properly who is our female DOA player. Neither did he try to mediate the worsening situation where everyone hates Perpetiel and him. CGS should have known better that the problem will escalate to even worst problems. Covering points for her has caused immense stress for all the team members.

Everyone in the team was seperated. We werent united… A good way to describe it would be Singapore Sword itself had a Counter-Terrorist, Terrorist and Hostages within it. It is sad but true that we will never be able to win Pan Asia in this kind of condition. I cant even described how crazy it was when we ate seperately, we cant communicate properly, we cant understand what each of us are thinking in their minds. There is so much HATE that it isnt even funny…

Everyone knew I tried my best to help Perpertiel train as “WE did NOT have any choice in this entire matter”. If a proper DOA player was picked, we wouldnt have all this nonsense problems. Phenic just had to choose Love over the team. I cant say he is wrong. Love is important after all. But that caused all of us our career. Yes it affects all of us.

Why does the Singapore Sword players care so much about who is being selected? It is because unlike Region 1 players, ONLY the top 2 teams will get fully paid as a professional gamer in CGS. This caused alot of disturbances within the team itself. In no way did Phenic try to help the team in this matter except helping his fiancee to be part of the team.

We also escalated this issue to CGS. They didnt really care much. After I slapped Phenic, they started saying we were a bunch of troublemakers and stuff like that.

Honestly, we cared about the team, our career as a pro, our pride as a Singaporean.

Because of all this crap, Singapore Sword will have problems in getting salary again… I cant play for CGS anymore. And neither am I willing to spend the time to train new blood after all this had happened. I scouted and trained 3 other females to participate in Singapore drafts. Phenic just took it as nothing compared to his wife. What does this leave us, Singaporeans? I honestly dont know what can be done at this point. But this has defeated my purpose of helping people learn DOA.

Players have known me to be helpful in teaching them how to be better in DOA. Yet, now this has become a chore for me as I dont get paid. And I got screwed by Phenic.

I am really sorry for all the Singaporean gamers that this has happened.

I tried my best. Over at China, I spent my time SMILING at the 2 of them. I even approached them in their rooms to train her. While neglecting my own training, I never even get a single “Thank you” for my efforts late at night. They avoided conversation with me as much as possible. Everytime it ended fast and without much meaning. It is really sad that things cant be solved right up front when both of them have huge pride.

I got into a heated argument with them the day before I got removed from CGS. Phenic just kept pushing away what I am trying to bring across. I tried to make her realize how important it is for her to think and not mash. As she mashed whenever she got up the stage, she got pwned really fast haha. Phenic kept protecting her and saying it will be fine for the next match. I told him that for the past 6 mths the same thing has been repeating what makes him say that it will be fine? Then he just kept saying its fine lol.

True enough the same thing re-enacted happened again against China. So I lost my temper and slapped him for all the past 6 mths. Yes it felt good. I am probably able to play properly for once. But good things never happen for us. I was sent back home straight after that. Not allowed to see anyone and had to stay in another hotel while waiting for my next flight.

This is the first time in 6 mths that I felt relieved. All the political wars going on in our team is finally over for me. I can finally moved on. Of course if it is possible for me to play for CGS again, I would love to. Except under a different manager. Ben, Mark Dolven, Bun, Steven, etc comes to mind LOL. Things might have gone differently if greed and selfishness did not exist in our current team.

There are much more regarding this political wars but I dont think I should go through all those since its over already.

Thank you Liefje, Christine, Shivonne, SPH, Gary, Team Titans, Xtreme, Takumi, Kannina, Black Mamba, Master, Berzerk, Waileng, Ramus, Singapore gaming community, DOA gaming community and many more for all the support and love you guys have given me.

Edit: I was reading around the web… Here are the interesting posts which I find that people should at least read about it.

From Chompr CGS Chicago Chimera pro gamer *link*:

Everyone is saying “GL in your future hope you find something blah blah blah”

You know what, I’m not going to say that. Because I don’t think he should be banned at all.

Slap to the face = permanent ban!?!?!

With everyone trying to legitimize CGS as a ‘real’ sport, then why don’t they treat it like one? In any other sport, waaaay worse things happen and the only consequence is a fine/short suspension.

Ex) NASCAR – occasionally has “fights” (ROFL) which normally means someone gets hit or slapped, and they get FINED.

Ex) NBA – hard fouls around the basket when the defender isn’t going for the ball (flagrant foul) results in suspension and/or fine.

Ex) MLB – Pitcher/hitter dispute results in someone charging the mound and both dugouts empty with some punches thrown. At worst a couple games suspension and/or fine.

These are more established than the CGS obviously, which is perhaps why CGS doesn’t want to take any risks. However if you look at the story behind this, all info leads to the same answer: that the manager of the Singapore Sword wasn’t doing the right things and that Tetra had tried to help his team but was unsuccessful. Everything he said just got brushed under the carpet, so he thought his only other option was to ‘get physical’. YES he crossed the line and should be penalized, but not to this extent (maybe we need to see the slap I guess :S)

Jokes aside, I hope to see you again in the CGS Tetra!!

I can see that Chompr wants to see CGS grow. He wanted the best for CGS and he voiced it out without fear of offending anyone. Nice one Chompr. Having you in CGS is probably one of the luckiest thing for them ^^

From Shivonne my 2nd strongest DOA Female student *link*:

Having all that injustice showing at the Pan Asia champs results.
Who wouldn’t be frustrated?
When a team’s moral is down, its up to the manager to bring up the spirits, no?
That wasn’t happening, Phenic wasn’t around to muster up the team.
What i saw, was Prasad gathering the team, for team talks, boosting their spirits, encouraging the team.
The Singapore manager? I don’t know balls….

Anyway, Singapore lost out.
Hopefully the couple is happy with their decision.
What a disgrace to Singapore.

I have to say that it is sad for Shivonne as she was training since last year for CGS 2008. She wasnt selected because…. Everyone probably know by now. I too am disappointed as she could have represented our country/team just as well as other teams. I didnt know about this blog until today. Her other entries of her training DOA4 with me is so hilarious 🙂

From Eunice better known as FHM Gamer Girl *link*:

I often hear claims from mutual friends and people around that Phenic brags that he knows me.

Seriously, I don’t know him as a friend but he probably just know who I am. The first time I knew of his existence was 9-10 years ago, when my classmate was his ex-girlfriend. As a young dick, he has all the traits of an asshole – according to my friend.

As for me, all I know is that he is a person who emailed or messaged me a few times over the span of 2001-2007 for things that he wanted to benefit from me. I never have a good impression of his time-wasting requests. To me, he’s always a person behind an email, webpage, or message. Perhaps I’ve met him in real life before, but I don’t remember, I don’t give a shit and I think he deserved the slap for all that.

Kinda surprised Eunice knows Phenic. Especially when it happened really long ago -_-;

From Caveman_ *link*:

Petition: New General Manager

Someone posted a petition for Sword. I wouldnt say this is to petition to remove the manager or put me back in place. But rather to help Singapore Sword achieve back their previous glory and passion in the professional gaming career line.

From SynergyPandemic Singapore Counterstrike Source player *link*:

The managers job is hardest to do. As we can clearly see the best franchises in CGS are all managed by driven and passionate individuals like Mark Dolven, BSL and Brian Flander. A clueless Avram Grant standing at the sidelines won’t win you titles unless you have players of the class and resources of Chelsea. It is widely reported that sword won the previous asian championships, partly because of the vocal backing of Mr Steven Yong, Anfield makes a big difference for Liverpool on european nights.

I totally agree with what he has mentioned. A mood builder is always important for any successful teams

From Linex UK DOA4 player *link*:

Tyson bit an EAR OFF!
And he was allowed to BOX!
TETRA just slapped a no body!
Hell TETRA was more famous then that dude in the first place, before all this curruption!

He is just so crazy with his posts that I just had to link it 😦

Last note, as many has probably mentioned this is just 1 side of the story. I posted this solely because I wanted people who supported me to know why I left CGS. It is totally up to individual whether they want to support the current Singapore Sword team, petition away the current manager, feel sorry for me, etc.

But do take note that CGS used to pay for my salary. They have done great things and they will continue to bring competitive gaming entertainment to the mass market out there. Without CGS I would not have become a Pro gamer in the first place. For that I thank them for their great efforts!

*UPDATED 11th May*
CNA article *link*
Although its just a rumor, disbanding the team over a personal incident is just so wrong imo…

Why does the team have to pay for mistakes such as this? Granted that things like this could have been avoided by proper management skills and communication skills within the team. It is just too serious to disband an entire team for this.

Future is more important than the past. People like Chompr are facing the future and not just the past. History are for there for people to learn from. CGS is there to grow and not to gripe over how to clean the mistakes off.

If things keep happening to various teams, are teams going to be just disbanded one after another just for the one time “good look image” for CGS? CGS should try to grow the league even more such that everyone will be able to acknowledge that the league is a solid league. A solid league which can handle ANY problems that they faced. A league that can rival MLB, NBA, etc. Not just a “clean” outlook league.

It is afterall a rumor. Maybe its not a rumor anymore. I tried to visit http://www.singaporesword.com it auto redirected me back to http://www.thecgs.com.

Don’t anyone find it weird that in the article by CNA.

“One eyewitness said Mr Chia appeared agitated after losing a series of games to a Chinese player. After losing another match to the same player on May 1, he threw away his controller and stormed off the stage.”

Yet, there is no word that the manager did anything to help his player(me). Isn’t a manager suppose to help support the players? Or is the manager suppose to stand there looking good and watch the show?

I dont even know why I am updating this. Maybe because I just felt that it is unfair that 1 entire team has to pay for mistakes such as this.

Just a joke but, I thought of this. Erm, what happens when a manager can pick anyone he wants without a guideline? He picks his father, his mother, his grandfather, his grandmother, his wife, his mistress, his brother, his cousin, his son, his daughter. So yap there you go incest team of 10 players 🙂

Updated 12th May
Straits Times Article *link*

Mr Chia was suspended indefinitely from the CGS, but Mr Reif said: ‘He can ask for reinstatement in the future and we will consider his case.’

Another article from local newspapers.  I am only interested in this line. The other quotes are erm… laughable especially for those who know what has really happened. Looks like I can appeal for reinstatement but yet I dont know if I should. Based on all the nonsense that came up since last year. I came up with these conclusions…

#1 I will only play if people need me inside their team.
#2 I hate dictatorship. If I am going to be under someone who explicitly dictates and yet doesnt even care for his players. I swear I rather stay up in the mountains for the rest of my life. Life is about working together for a better future NOT dictating what benefits you the most.
#3 I am going to be paid for my efforts. In no way am I going to ever spend my OWN money and time to practice(1500$ spent to go Japan 3 weeks ago) if I am going to get screwed in the end.
#4 I only started playing games because I ENJOY games. It just happened that I am better than the rest. If I am going to be unhappy for the rest of the time playing in an unhappy team, I might as well go disneyland like “some couple” in LA(You know who, I dont have to say).

Btw, reporter making wrong headlines again. I cant be sacked when I am not contracted/paid in the first place. I am dismissed, suspended, banned, etc -_-;

~ by tetrasg on May 2, 2008.

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  1. Dun worry ,dun look back and move on.CGS isnt everything , i’m sure u will do fine at other things.Cheer up!!

    #ps# – I wish i could be there to see the slap.I wont mind forfeiting 3yrs of my life to see it in “Live Action”.Damn bastard deserved it.

    .Gary Low.

  2. Tetra you are really one of the nicest people in the DoA community and it’s really sad to see that the situation was allowed to get so bad that it had to come to something like that. In my opinion someone should have seen that this kind of stuff was happening with the team and somebody should have done something about it. Sweeping problems like that under the rug doesn’t help anything but only makes it worse and obviously it had exploded to something that could have been avoided. I’m not saying maybe CGS should have done something because the decision is down to the GM at the end of the day but it seemed pretty obvious that some kind of 3rd party mediation was needed. CGS have shown that they don’t take BS in the league before when they removed the first SG GM in 2007 for some kind of salary scandal so why they would allow something this controversial (a GM picking their fiancee when there were other choices? come on, that’s bound to raise some eyebrows on the credibility of the GM to do his job properly) to slide past?

    Remember the crowd in LA when you guys played Birmingham? Everyone supported your team not just as the underdogs but because everybody LIKED your team. The entire SG team was nice and respectful to everybody and you had made no enemies. Everyone knows that you really do have a heart of gold and the rest of your team too; so to call you “troublemakers” seems just ludacris.

    I won’t ever forget that you were one of the first people in LA to actually be nice to me about being so newbie at DoA and took the time to play with me and teach me things even at like 1am when everyone was so tired because I had a match the next day. That’s what you do, that’s how much you care about DoA and the community and you being banned from CGS I don’t think fixes anything, it’s just that CGS will now be losing one of the most caring and skilled players they have had in the league.

  3. Tetra has lots of experience in 3d fighters. I’ve been play SC seriously during his WCG days and didnt know anything about his abilities. However, after playing VF5 with him, I have always been impressed with his level of yomi, and his knowledge about 3d fighters; it was certainly much more than i thought. Discussions about fighting games with him as been very enjoyable, as we can understand each other. His knowledge, coupled up with his tournament experience, makes him one of the most tournament savvy 3d fighters here. He is professional.

    Phrenic, on the other hand, does not understand what it means by going competitive, where players play for blood, putting their lives/careers at stake. Although I may not have been there to appreciate the entire series of events, the fact that he wanted to unilaterally include his wife in the team was an irrevocable truth. It was a truth that revealed his extremely unprofessional outlook on competitive video gaming, and it is this behaviour that will stymie the work of many gamers to make pro gaming a recognised sport.

    Take care dude.

  4. GL in the future my friend. I can tell that you really do care about the game, your success, as well as others. I remember seeing you play at WCG several times… we never got to talk, but I always enjoyed your matches! Keep fighting and hopefully you’ve made enough of an impact that Singapore will learn something valuable.

  5. Bold move Tetra, but Singapore’s E-Sports will have you to thank for the progress that it has made by your actions.

    The reason why it is so difficult for Singapore to field an internationally competitive team is because some people at the top use politics to keep who they want in their “top team”, leaving possible new talents in the shadows.

    CGS is not the only tournament out there. I’m sure you will prove that you are still amongst the top internationally be it in WCG or another international tournament.

    Singapore needs more players like you, players who play for passion, players who want to help in the big picture (getting E-Sports accepted by the local, and international, masses).

    Take care and good luck,
    Harry (Nitrous/n2o) Pua

    NS sucks, I don’t have time to play games LOL

  6. Dear Tetra,

    Although we don’t know each other personally, you’ve been a humble & professional DOA player. It would be of great loss like a star ‘point-getter’ from the team. Nonetheless, good luck for your future & may we hope to see you back to represent SG! There’s still WCG! 🙂

    Signing off,
    Michael “XtReM!St” Phee

  7. Hi Tetra,
    I first met you at the Malaysia CGS draft where the whole you came to join trying to play with our DOA Players. I remembered seeing you as a very nice guy. I was playing cs:source though haha. I truly understand how you felt and i’m representing my clan to show support for what you have acted at the stage. I believe your emotional stress has taken over your logics thus leading to such a move. I have great respect to SG SWORD over their good attitude when they trained with us in cs:source. I foresee you will become a highly respected e-sport player in the future.


  8. Sad to say that anything with enough money involved will always attract leeches. At least you know that you were in the right. (Morally speaking of course.)

    I love the wording they used. “Unsportsman-like behaviour”

  9. Hi Tetra. I don’t know you but..YOU ROCK!

  10. Good luck for the future Tetra 🙂 amazing 3D fighter!

  11. GL Tetra, I’m totally keeping your side in this… having a GM that is also a player and also hires his wife as DoA:F is just wrong.. hope you get back under another GM

  12. Hey Tetra,
    Met you at the Malaysian Draft but we didnt talk. WAtched you play and i know you’re better than anyone i’ve seen before, and we all saw how nice you were.
    Dun let this defeat you as you are the best in this sport, surely the GM will be replaced by a fair and someone with more than half a brain. cheers.

  13. Your GM sux!

    Instead of slapping him, you should PUNCH him!

    CGS should have a clear rules for not allowing wife/kids/close relative to play under the same GM (relative).

    There will be always a bias opinion by the GM when it come to things like this.

    Ps: The previous GM more ewnjoyable to watch on tv 🙂

  14. Can’t say I saw this coming, even though about 1 or 2 months back, Phenic started calling up ex-competitive DOA players (including myself) asking if they still played the game, and if they were willing to try out for Singapore Sword.

    In other words, Phenic didn’t just sack Tetra due to the slap. The sentiments to do so had been lingering for a long time, and he had been planning like a conniving fox – the slap just caught him unaware and prompted him to take action.

  15. Hi Tetra, this is Gel the Malaysian FIFA guy here. First met you at the 2005 Singtel training camp.

    I just wanna offer you my support. As the Chinese say, “Paper can never wrap fire”, any injustice will eventually be shown up. I can understand your intense passion for your game and for your team which led to your actions, because I share the same level of passion for my game and for my clan as well.

    Don’t let this incident get you down alright. You’re still the beacon of Singapore gaming no matter what others think. Rock on bro, take some time off to chill, then come back bigger, stronger, and better.

  16. Move on Tetra xD, you’re a respected player here in Singapore (: I totally understand how you feel and will do the same if i were you. Obviously that GM of yours don’t understand how much gaming means to us. Good luck dude!

  17. Thanks guys. It was an exciting journey with all of you people out there. I couldnt have met anyone without CGS or WCG.

    I cant tell you all how touched I am when I found my blog with 1000 over views in just over a night. Comments from all over the world. I didnt expect myself to be so loved by everyone.

    I havent talked to alot of people yet. Looks like I missed the chance haha. Maybe with all your support, one day things might change.

  18. This is Gin Lee, the reporter who wrote the article in The Straits Times today. I understand from Wilson that he has an issue over the dispute on whather he punched or slapped Aaron and he is concerned this might damage his online reputation.
    I would like to clarify that at all times Wilson has insisted that he slapped Aaron and never punched him.
    On a personal note, I am sorry see Wilson’s stint with CGS end this way. CGS has been the dream for many of our local cybergamers who have been putting in a lot of sacrifices to become a professional gamer. I hope this is not the end of his career as a pro-gamer as he has done a lot for Singapore and remains the only gamer to win any medal for the nation at the WCG Grand Finals.

  19. Is there a conflict of interest of a GM in CGS selecting someone as a player who he/she knew closely?

  20. Firstly, I’ll comment on CGS’ decision to permanently ban Tetra from the league. It is to everyone’s understanding that physical assault is not tolerated in professional sports. But post occurrence, have the CGS, as an organisation, investigated the matter? Have CGS questioned the retaliatory factors causing the slap(no one goes around slapping people, other than P+G spamming Aois) Or did they even consider investigating? They could’ve come up with more options other than banning (e.g. 1 season suspension) An example can be Cantona’s legendary drop-kick on a Crystal Palace fan, which got him 9-months suspension, instead of a permanent ban. I’m not encouraging physical assaulting, but don’t CGS have the board and capacity to make decisions at a professional level after investigation? With that, I personally feel that CGS’ professionalism is challenged.

    It is apparent that Phenic is abusing the “manager can draft anyone” rule by practising nepotism. 2 things to ponder upon.

    1. The “manager can draft anyone” rule
    2. What go through Phenic’s brains

    1. How dubious can the word “competitive” become, when such a “manager can draft anyone” rule exists in a professional league. Professional leagues usually have concrete selection systems, to ensure that the best players/teams are drafted. “Winners-only” might sound tad elitist, however that’s the element that delivers the competitive edge to professional leagues, and subsequently to their audiences. Taking UEFA Champions League for example, they have a robust qualification system which includes play-offs and what not, for ensuring the entrance of the best performers per season.

    If this rule is not altered or removed, the league will never leave a professional impression among the public, as many will look at the league as a “these are not the best” league.

    2. Representing a nation in something, and doing their best to out-perform competitors from other countries, is often an honourable thing in the lives of most people, be it youths, adolescents, adults, or even senior citizens. However, from his drafting choice, it is evident that providing the best candidate to represent the nation never came across his mind.

    I do admire him for drafting one of the worst players, compared to the other DOA-F participants during the selection, to compete against other nations. The importance of love, not just for his fiancee, but also for the other nations, is immense and commendable. He showered love upon his fiancee selflessly, not regarding the future of 9 other gamers including himself. And by drafting his fiancee, he boosted the chances of all the other teams in the leagues, giving them extra hope and confidence they needed for competitive gaming, isn’t that buddha’ly love?

    Lastly, I came across this BombayTV video made by some random in the CGS forums.


  21. What to you expect from Aaron Aw aka Phenic? Same blood runs in the family, knew his elder brother in school and pretty much a turd, which goes the same for his little brother.

    I knew Phenic back during the Quake scene and all I can say is how much he has grown to become like a descendants of the Tiger Balm Dynasty…hot but useless

  22. T_T season one lidat.. season two also lidat… Cui ~~~~ Hope season3 everytin settled… Haiz…. but anyway… u have my support tetra ! Dont give up yet.. if u give up now.. u are showing that u admit to lose ! WINNER NEVER QUIT ! All the Best..


  23. SG got some serious GM problem man. Lol. Yeah Phenic did called up many DoA players few months back. As I heard from Tetra, CGS knew the reason of Tetra slapped Phenic but they heck care..

  24. Hey, after reading your blog and knowing what was actually happening to SG Sword, i would say you did the right thing. It is totally ridiculous to practice nepotism in a team. However, the incident made yourself being banned from CGS and Pro Gaming while some people might think you have no sportsmanship when they don’t know what really caused you to do such thing. I can say on behalf of [W|nDs] and Malaysia, we will always support you and hope that people will know the dark side of the SG Sword team and proving that you’re innocent and was trying to help the team after all. All the best in your future gaming and good luck!

    [W|nDs] A13x

  25. Hey Tetra, Nice work slapping Phenic, he really deserved it and with so many people on your side, you shouldnt stop gaming but move on and win other competitions, CGS aint everything, Continue pursuing your Pro-gaming Dreams dood, you brought Singapore to the gaming map of the world and continue to do it. This Years CGS team failed mostly because you the “point-Getter” aint there man, everyone is saying without Tetra, The SG.swords team has no hope. You were the heart of it and what everyone has been saying here is the proof, nvr give up nvr surrender man. and CGS should have taken a good look be4 choosing Phenic as the GM simply because ive been hearing lots of rumors about him and his un-ethical things he has done, dumb move by CGS 2 times in a row LOL, choosing an unqualified GM and kicking the start player of one of the franchise. Anyway GL dood, even though i dun know u know i hope to get to know u 🙂 PEace!

  26. Dun worry Tetra, i sure your career in gaming will not be over, with your godly skill and heart of gold you definitely will make it BIG no matter what you do. As for Phenic, he just a Lousy JERK & we will saw he coming out of CGS soon.

  27. Hey Tertra,

    Im no progamer but im friends with some member of KL taufan, i along with everybody else in the Malaysian Consoles group support you. I have been briefed on this by several people and i can tell you one thing dont expect the CGS to report on your side of the story, im sure the other organizations will support you and if not give a shout to the community and you will have millions by your side.

    Your GM blows, no doubt and your anger has been choked for months and you let it out…no problem when the guy and girl were complete asses to you. Phenic and his girlfriend will be the pariahs when they reach home not you…you are a hero sir and in Malaysia you are more than welcome to kick my butt in DOA4 which i suck at :p .

    Good luck comrade.

  28. Well done tetra! you outta have just beaten the living turd out of him! since quake 1 era. phenic has been nothing more then an arse playing politics. it seems he just gets worst. well. screw him. I just hope team sword kicks him out and CGS re-look into the ban.

    else. in truth. just move on. its just the beginning. 🙂

  29. take care and all the best! There’s definitely a greener pasture waiting for you somewhere! 🙂

    p.s. maybe u dun recall me but when i met u a few yrs ago u said u recognize me but dunno how u know me hahaha…ok i bhb 😛

  30. gd luck wilson !!

  31. oh yah and gd job too lol

  32. hey renny it’s me Splint3r 😛

  33. Hi Tetra,
    Maybe you should have hit phenic harder.
    I would have done the same….
    CGS NOT EVERYTHING…. Sure all of us would love to see you get gold in WCG.

    PS show that phenic your cgs gold when u get it:):)

  34. CGS and your progaming career might be over… but well sweet memories of us fighting alongside will remain forever 🙂 Good luck and take care

  35. Hi Tetra, even though I’ve only met you once in SG during WCG2005 Grand Finals but that’s enough for me to know what a nice person you are 🙂 Remember the Malaysian guy who you helped to get into Player Village? You have my full support and I hope CGS will look into this case seriously instead of a blind ban. It’s obvious that you’re the key player for SG Sword. Cheers

  36. Phenic is just another politics loser who uses the tean for his own propaganda. how sad can it be. wad a retarded GM. i bet even my 12year old cousin can do better than him.

    Tetra , you still have lots of compies that u can go to. wcg , gxl , cpl so on and so forth. cheers.

  37. Hi Tetra, been a great admirer of your DOA skills.. You know, being a good guy doesnt pay and i think that was what happened to you.

    There are better ways in getting back at someone. But let me tell u this. IF this manager continues to be like this, your slap wont be the last he is going to take.

  38. hey tetra, though you dont know me personally. but yeah, there will be competitions that may inch the cgs out.

    you just gotta keep strong. just remember that the sg swords are nothing without you in the team. i mean, you’re like the world’s best doa dude.

    stay strong!m

  39. Hi Tetra. We met last year in the Dubai CGS 2007 qualifiers. You seemed to be a pretty nice and cool guy. I sincerely hope that CGS holds a detailed investigation into this and that one of the American franchises drafts you for their DOA-male squad as you deserve so much better. Take care and hope for the best!

  40. What the fuck. How come this manager is such a pussy. But nevertheless… We have all sorts of people in this world don’t we. Cheer up bro ,there’s more to life for you to succeed in. This might just be a blessing in disguise. You are one of the few i have seen to really have so much passion in your interest. I believe you’ll succeed in something else you do. =D

  41. Over the past few years, it was quite surprising for me to see Phenic taking so much limelight.

    Its also pretty sad to see how competitive gaming has become. A far cry since the early non-newspaper worthy days of Competitive Quake 2.

    I miss you eD, @lpha, Gi, X, BL, MOB, TX, DnA, SWAT, 2E2, WAR.

    Bring back the Quake days ;-(

  42. […] https://tetrasg.wordpress.com/2008/05/02/end-of-my-pro-gaming-days-in-cgs/ […]

  43. wilson! i’m very happy that you are receiving all the support and respect that you deserved over this matter, while aaron aw deserved that slap. i’ve also written a long entry about this on my blog. you know where to find it! 🙂

  44. Hey Wilson,

    He deserved the slap with all the crony tactics!

    I’ve known you for being a nice and helpful guy so go forward from here. Go represent Singapore in this year’s WCG and show them.

    As for the CGS, they really need to do something to improve their credibility. There was no transparency in this year’s Forza draft.
    The dates of the draft were announced 2 days before the selection day, leaving people either clueless or no time to practise.


    Good work slapping Phenic! His antics are bringing down Singapore gaming.

  45. Heys tetra, Leon from GameAxis here.

    I hope that you’re going to prove that lousy ST article wrong. You don’t need a bullshit outfit like CGS to win medals. As gamers say, it’s mad skills that count. And you’ve got that.

    Well you did lose that evil china guy last WCG, but we’ll pretend that didn’t happen.

  46. maybe you should think before you act in the future! haha.


    p.s get a real job yeah?

  47. Hi wilson,

    this is Alan from your VF days 🙂 sad to hear that you are banned from CGS. I am pretty shocked that you actually slapped that guy. I am not sure what the proper channels are but I really hoped that some things will change after this episode. Can’t they organise a local competition to select the players?

    well, you can still win the WCG and how them that the best DOA player does not play in the CGS.

  48. @ anonymous

    someone who hides behind the computer and calls people a loser anonymously.

    pot calling a kettle black huh?

    have some guts to identify yourself before saying something like that. loser.

  49. Hey Wilson,

    I’m just one of the many pple who feel that this is a very unfortunate thing to have happened to you… But as the old chinese saying goes:” The new won’t come if the old don’t go” So look forward to your next challenge!

  50. Man, reading about the slap you gave Phenic, has been the best piece of news all week.
    Thanks for doing almost everyone a favor, for smacking him.

    Best of luck in all your future competitions and with your talent and reputation, there’ll be other companies planning to invite you.

  51. Dun give up on gaming man, best of luck and screw the politics behind gaming. Hope to see you do well in wcg again

  52. Hi Wilson, it’s Andre here, Phenic’s cousin. I met you at CGS Malaysia last year, and was even cheering for Singapore in the finals against Australia despite my Australian background, which was a rather conflicting decision :). (Hey, I figured that whoever won, I’d be happy!)

    I obviously support my cousin and his fiance, and I’m saddened to see what’s happened with you, him, Perpetial and the Singapore Sword. I don’t think a slap from you deserves a lifetime ban from the CGS, and if you did it, you were obviously angry enough to think that Phenic deserved it.

    I suspect the truth is a lot more complex than it first appears, and I know there’s some serious history dating back to last year involving CGS management and your former GM. Hopefully Phenic and you can work this out someday; it’d be dreadful for Singapore to lose one of the world’s top DOA players, and seeing the comments about Phenic makes me wince a little. You have enough talent that if you want to be a professional gamer, you don’t need the CGS, I’m sure you’ll succeed in other ways. (From what I’ve heard about the CGS through Phenic, he’s really not particularly happy with them either, to say the least.)

    Anyway, my sincere best wishes to you, and I hope that both you and Phenic manage to resolve all of this and manage to move on. Life is just too short to hold grudges and hatred :).

  53. Hey Wilson,

    It was really blessed to meet you 2 seasons back @ GXL. All I could offer here is, life goes on and that certainly you’re one of the respected few in this arena. God bless (:

  54. Final note, welcome to stinkapore.

  55. should’ve closed your fist and made it count 😀

  56. Aaron is trying too hard to rally for support. Nobody cares about him except for people who are obligated to do so.

  57. Hmm, seems like history is repeating itself. Why does it seems like it is always e GM whom looks like the ‘problematic’ one…

    Do trust that if the GM is such a key person of communication between CGS itself and drafted teams, he/she should at least should have e potential and qualities to do so. Apparently, results seems to have proven otherwise.

    For Wilson’s issue, i do not think CGS is being rather fair by just giving comments like ‘you are a bunch of troublemakers’ with no further investigations goin on..

    Rem a newbie me having qualms about joinin e team in season 1 after hearins of how GMs work plus subsequent happenins yoda yoda..

    To Wilson: Thank u veri much durin e times wareby you had sacrificed much of your already limited time to train and assist me in DOA. Sorrie that i had to disappoint you in e end…still feelin beri sorrie la.. You do not appear to be a man of temper, thus i do believe you had ur reasons for doin so. Pick up from ware you fall, e world is still so round 🙂

    Btw, Hi Sock e Splint3r! Your points relay my views perfectly! ^^

  58. *passes a punchbag-doll with an *
    at least your still free to punch him(or his doll) and no one (cept mebbe zeh turd?) will give it a damn 😛

    AND NO, im not some fag reporter , just a DAMN KID with the same nic.

  59. Jiayou (:

  60. Truth is nobody likes Phenic since the Quake days.

  61. Wilson,

    I don’t know you.. but then, i’m sure you’ve had enough words of encouragement and advises. All i wanna say is..you have my utmost respect for doing what you did. Yes it was wrong and probably in the heat of moment sort of thing, but then the rotting has to stop and somehow, the Straits Times coverage didn’t do enough justice in their report, but i’m sure the reporter was trying her best.
    You really didn’t have to explain yourself though. People who have been following the CGS would have known the kind of person you are and what you bring to the community. A legendary player like you will always have a place in people’s heart.
    You will be fine, i’m sure! 🙂

    Andre Pang, you’re having a laugh!
    If i were you, i’d advise your cousin to make a public apology to wilson and the team. Then, tell him to pack his bags and leave the gaming industry for good. Only then can you write about “life is too short to have grudges and hatred”.

    “Phenic” will forever be a sinful word in the gaming dictionary.
    Remember that!

  62. Seriously, I’m still surprised and shocked that you had slapped him in front of everyone.I suppose you won’t expect me to see this but you know any news about the local community can’t escape my eyes and ears.

    I’m always there since the day you debuted. Before then, I always thought gheeguan was the best DoA player around till you overtook him. You are a perfectionist…I can read from your moves. I have never seen anyone that shares the same talent as you. You are well respected by anyone that has graced upon you. You motivated a lot of the young players who are still striving to be like you like Ayane06. Please do not think this departure as a loss but a reason to move on. To motivate more people around you and meet new challenges.

    A fighter’s road is alone yet neverending.

  63. Hey.. Known you for so long but I have never seen you so fierce before. I guess you must be endure this for a long time. It is really hateful to have a manager like Phenic and I truely understand how you are feeling. You are one of the best player I have seen and it is not only DOA. So don’t give up and continue what you do best my friend!!

  64. Hi Tetra,

    You don’t know me, but i only wish i were there. I would have helped stop the fight

  65. btw, just chill man. Don’t worry about it. I used to see stuff like this happening at my old school all the time. 2 lorry loads of people used to come by almost daily

    DOA stinks. KOF is a much better game. You think you can beat the Benimaru mind gamer?

  67. Hey man, maybe you’re being abit to hard on phenic. I used to be like you, hard up over gaming, i would glitch the machine even if i was winning!

    But my girlfriend has shown me the way. Nowadays i only glitch the machine when i’m playing against other human players!!

    p.s. shoutout to my darling gynn i love you!

  68. Phenic deserves it! Seeing the way he just jump and taunt at others is not the way. Look at Korea’s Crystal; meditating all the way regardless of results and relying on her players’ own beliefs. Now THAT’s the way if you ask me!

    And no offense but there’s just too many stupid Xbox exposure going on in this bloody CGS anyway. Microsoft should’ve moved aside for the PlayStation 2 and/or PlayStation 3 because they’ve got better games!

    Don’t believe me? Check out EVO2K series and look at which is the most commonly used console for their tournament (mostly PS2)!

  69. There’s a petition asking for the removal of Phenic as GM!


    Lets show our support!

  70. You guys shld check out this blog http://www.euniqueflair.com/ as well.Its also having the related topic.And most importantly there are videos that seriously needs watching. =)

  71. Wilson,

    Always remember, we all have to answer for our actions despite it being right or wrong but for your instance, I strongly believe that you have executed righteousness.

    That bugger must have totally deserved it and you have my support! Especially since I know you from secondary school days and you are def. not the violent or impulsive kind.

    Shout out for a Change of GM !!!

  72. This is a sad time for DoA =/
    i would have very much so liked to played more games with you in person, since you were very friendly and were too strong an opponent for me at the time =)

    I wish you the best of luck with any and all future endeavours, Tetra!

  73. seriously speaking, he really deserve the slap alot
    his wife isn’t very good in DOA but because of LOVE & money, he put her into the team despite having better choices of better players. that simply suX… dun worry… he will get it one day or so. no offences, but may god blast him.

  74. If you hit a player I consider you a player with no sportsmanship should be ban. But u hit a manager he must be a really really fark up person. The manager should be ban not you. There is a need of investigation of both parties not just the one who have been suffer all this time. A manager look after the conduct of a player but who look after the conduct of the manager?

  75. A job well done! Exposing the truths behind the scenes.

    Is there really no qualified manager in Singapore to lead the team?
    Why was Phenic chosen to lead? Based on what criteria? These details and reasons are not released and made known to the public.

    The draftings were even a waste of time. When there was no proper time frame given for teams to prepare. The draftings for CS was based on frags per player. What a joke.

    Tetra has given Singapore gaming a limelight somewhere up there with the big shots. But without Tetra, we are nothing but a small country struggling with our inability to shine overseas because of the lack of support from our fellow countrymen. I wish for Tetra to be reinstated back into CGS and a proper investigation to be followed up.

    Tetra is a very nice guy. I played with him DOA once only at a Singtel WCG party at Zouk. This slap that he gave Phenic, surely sends out a signal that something itself in the team is already wrong. Because Tetra isn’t the kind of guy that will be going around and slapping people.

    Whatever the case it may be. There is the darkest and most controversial period for Singapore Gaming. Who knows what the future might hold.

  76. just sign the petition! :p


  77. “But without Tetra, we are nothing but a small country struggling with our inability to shine overseas because of the lack of support from our fellow countrymen.”

    Tetra isn’t the only person who can give our small country a small limelight, its just that games for events like CGS and WCG are chosen based on how much the developers and distributors suck up to Microsoft on a weekly basis… and not by the quality of the game.. meh 🙂

  78. Tetra, as a fellow SG I’m proud & happy that you are living a dream many of us local gamers envy…… do take a well deserved break & come back stronger than ever.

    Bitterness to that rich spoilt brat GM who thinks with his dick had to step in with his ugly politics & ruined our once holy playground!

  79. Would appreciate if everyone here would sign the petition and spread the word to the rest of the gaming community. We do not need guys like Phenic running the Singapore Sword.


  80. Fight Back!

  81. Wilson , hope u get through all this bullshit and resume your pro-gamer career asap.
    not worth giving it all up for something as stupid as this.

  82. Should have flipped him up to the air and gave him the Izuna Piledriver. Anyway don’t really know what to say or do so just to wish your the best in your future endeavour. Maybe we’ll meet again in another MMO

  83. Wilson i sure after hitting this disgusting fellow your hand must be extremely dirty. That fellow definitely deserve more than a slaps like a kick on this arrogant brat’s ass. It ridiculous with this kind of unfairness and bias he can qualify as a manager.
    U definitely don’t deserve this ban and backstab after you had bring so much glory to Singapore Gaming.
    You had mine utmost support & remember YOU NEVER WALK ALONE.

  84. Hi Wilson…or shld I all you ketra? Was quite appalled when I read the news a few days back and then Seishin gave me your blog url. I can only say that a full inquiry should be carried out by the management of CGS and perhaps a gaming mag like GA/L33t should do an interview or something so that parents or younger children do not see this as violence under the influence of games. All the best for your future.

  85. Well, Tetra did lifted his hand to slap someone. That deserves some sort of punishment… HOWEVER, I think a stern warning should be enough and not a permanent ban, given the reasons at hand. Anyone who started to hit someone or causing pain/harm to someone is already wrong in the first place whether they deserved it or not. I know Tetra got lots of supporters but think about it, if no punishment is executed… then everyone is free to slap their managers when they are not happy, and gets away with it?

  86. Hey Tetra, I’m sad to read all this happening to you. It is indeed a bad way to end a commitment that you had put in so much effort in the past years.

    You are not been ban from entering wcg as well right?? I believe with the extra time, you can still make your ground and $$ without CGS anyway.

    I too had been a victim of gaming politic and had retire from the scence several years ago. I dun disclose my ID but we knew each other even before your first silver medal win at WCG. Dispite I could no longer work in the gaming industries, it still never stop my interest in gaming itself. In fact I completed a total of 30 games in 2007.

    I hope you too will fine your new direction to pursue in… Good Luck!

  87. What the hell???!!! This just sucks, another fault in the huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge list of CGS’s faults. I’m gonna miss you so much, you were sincerly the best player of the competition and you prooved it by wining the individual tournament. You were never refusing a match, no matter how good or bad we were, you were funny, open and full of respect, I can’t believe that’s the only solution they found… Honestly it can happen to every player if the manager crosses some lines…

    Not perfect at all!!!! Damn I’m angry and sad at the same time!! If I’m drafted again, I will ignore this Aaron for sure 😦

  88. Tetra,

    I know you as a well-mannered guy. With so much success as a gamer, you remain humble and polite. You are well-liked by many.

    Well, everybody have a bad day. Let it go. Be Strong. Pick it up. Fight another day. Jiayou.

    My thoughts :
    How can a player himself with a lover, also a player, in the same team be impartial as a team manager???
    Who is the person that appointed him as the team manager??? Can’t he forsee such a problem? ‘Cos I think, it a matter of time somebody in the team may also just snap and did the same thing. So this person, in my view is incompetent, and failed the responsibility entrusted to him.
    Both of them failed.

  89. Sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Well done! I am sure your skills will pull you through! Justice will prevail! Don’t give up. Its tough getting into the world scene and I am glad SG has at least one person who can do it.

  90. Shivonne’s blog on this incident
    (she’s one of those girls Tetra trained, for folks who dunno)


  91. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=12560889811

    Show your support!

  92. Phenic is the man that bring down Singapore Sword. He shd bear all the responsibility and step down as a GM.
    Anyway no point being a GM where noboday in the team hate him.

  93. Sorry it Everyone in the team Hate him.

  94. Haiz… It is a disgrace to singapore for having such an incompetence GM… Nice Slapping~… I think everyone has a breaking point~…although it is irrational to do it…but i will still support it..

  95. I have known Wilson from our VF days he is a friendly guy and always helpful. This is the 1st time I heard he got physical and slap some idiot, this person must really sucks until rock bottom. This kind of ppl I got only this to say “Wei Chee Mong Kok”, personal goal 1st, team goal 2nd. Well done. Is this what Pro Gamers in SG going to face in the future?

  96. After knowing Wilson for so long, it’s really incredible that someone actually earn himself a slap from Wilson, him being 1 of the kindest soul that I ever know.

    Though I dont think a slap was necessary, nevertheless, I’ll still support Wilson in this issue.

    Whatever it is, がんばってね。

    Him being such a disgrace to singaporeans……………..

  97. I have been following Singapore Sword’s progress since last year’s CGS world finals and I must say I am impressed. I also hoped that Singapore could make it into the finals this year but unfortunately this wasn’t the case.

    I don’t know Phenic, nor do I know Tetra, so I feel that I am in no position to judge who is right or wrong. However, I feel that the way CGS handled this case is absurd. They dubbed it as an act of “unsportsmanlike behavior”. Come on! It’d be unacceptable to slap a person from the opposing team but this is none other than an internal conflict. What does it have to do with sportsmanship? I really think CGS should look into this issue again.

  98. […] Wilson’s entry on his personal blog 2) The Wanbao-worthy article by Oo Gin Lee – A disgrace of Straits Times 3) How GameSync has done a […]

  99. I’m not into the gaming scene, and you don’t know me i don’t know you, but i just wanna tell you that from what i’ve read, i support you all the way. thanks for your contributions to the SG gaming scene.. continue to stand firm for what you believe in.. lao tian you yan. (:

  100. Dude, read about what happened from Eunice blog. Sorry to hear about what happened. Life is unfair and this is truly injustice. How CGS handle the situation wasn’t professional, to ban you for life?! I mean come on. You are talking about someone else’s rice bowl here. Shouldn’t they investigate the matter further instead?

    Even though I don’t follow up so much on the CGS in Singapore, from my opinion, that call was not necessary. I do not know if it is because that OTHER guy has the money or what, but CGS should at least relook into the incident.

    I mean if Nor Alam Shah’s sentence can be reduced after the FAS received fresh evidences that he had serious unresolved personal and family problems that impaired his judgement and caused his misconduct on the soccer field. Why not CGS do the same?

    I am not saying you have family problems, what I am trying to point out is that CGS should see both sides of the story.

    You are the best player not just because you are talented but also because you work hard, spending your time and money to be the best. That shows your passion and commitment for the sport. Like any passionate player, they want the best for their team.

    Is CGS blind not to see that? Let’s face it, the management sucks so where else can you turn to? I don’t blame your slapping on him, because I know how it feels when you want to contribute to the team and the ‘upper-levels’ are not listening to you. Rather they make the whole situation a lot worse. Now that’s just frustrating!

  101. Hey Wilson, you go dude~ We are all behind you!

  102. well i could only say well done 😀
    but.. im gonna miss ur cgs matches 😦

  103. Thanks guys!

    After reading so much, I find that the most important thing for me is to go through self improvement courses. I am thinking of going for Anger Management courses. Still figuring out where is a good place to take the course.

    Even though it was a disaster, a couple of Singaporean company came up to me to offer me jobs and projects. Thank you for all the opportunity everyone have given me.

    I am still considering all the possible career path that I should take right now. Until my finger heals, I will be thinking………… alot.

    I will still attend WCG this year. I have the confidence of reaching top 3 for Virtua Fighter 5.

    Until then, continue to leave comments! Refreshing my blog has just became my 2nd hobby :p

  104. Dude seriously doubt that you need anger management courses, its a one off event.

    Just remember to let it all out once in a while like talk to close friends and you’ll be fine.

  105. haha yea tetra
    its great to move on isnt it 😀
    i wanna learn DOA from you! haha

  106. Sianz you shouldn’t have given him the “down-back + punch + kick”
    You should have treated him a taste of one of your 9-hit combos and ended it with yes….an izuna drop.
    What a waste~

  107. Hi Wilson.. rem dun ever gif up anything easily.. when pple tryin to let u suffer u muz find ways to make him suffer back too.. n it muz b double or triple of wat u get frm dem.. anyway u r alw a nice guy whom had neva throw temper (at least in front of mi u had neva).. n i bel tat idiot GM muz haf torture u til u reali canot take it n gif him a slap.. he muz b happy tat at least he is e 1st n onli person who gt such a nice present frm u.. hee.. i did mention if im der i wil help u to slap his wife too.. let dem b lovin forever ma.. hee.. rem dun gif up.. every1 is on ur side.. onli those who dun understand u wil tink tat u r loser.. jus let dem b.. faster heal ur finger den cont to train.. canot anyhow play play.. muz prove to tat all those idiot..

  108. Glad to see you have moved on, Tetra. Don’t let this get you down.
    It’s SG.Swords and Singapore’s loss to lose a talented player such as you. All the best to your future endeavours.

  109. JY tetra you will always be Singapore greatest pro gamer ^^

  110. […] Read the full account on Tetra’s blog (109 comments todate) […]

  111. http://phenic.blogspot.com/

    Wah! March 27 post damn good lor. The spam-bot really thinks she’s good and has “earned her place”.

    Yah right. Earned her place by giving good head.

  112. the petition got removed

  113. Indeed, someone’s been deleting the more critical threads on the sword forums. Can you say cover-up? How typical.

    They didn’t delete it permanently from the database though so direct links still go there.



  114. http://mystiee.blogspot.com/ <–Updated
    Wednesday, May 07, 2008
    You don’t know??! Well now you do!

    Still at the topic of Tetra, I’ve heard some stuff that i’m embarrased about to type out, but i’d do it anyway.
    As we all know, after Tetra was banned, there was alot of uproar with tons of people supporting Tetra.
    Giving him words of encouragement.
    Of course, there are those who (i bet they hate Tetra alot) totally agreed to the idea of having him permanently banned for a meer slap.
    People like Off beat ninja (Haa!!! Just because he won you last year right!! Confirm super buay song right!!) or Berzerk (Hypocrit! Tetra poured his soul to you that night he was fired and you were talking behing his back right there in Wuhan! Don’t think i never hear!! I WAS THERE!)

  115. lol…phenic locked his blog…good job coward.

  116. We’ve not met, but yeah, you’re a SG legend as it is. Really tough luck that one of the world’s best DOA player was denied the chance to shine because of the politicking by the 2 most ungracious “gamers” around.

    Bro, keep on fighting in the game.

    Hope the CGS will allow you back into its fold as its after all a salary pay master. We just need to remove the clown GM. I’ve remembered their faces, so if I recognize them on the streets I can… shake my head at them. @_@

  117. I love u Wilson. Please Marry me. ❤ i was there when it happen!!

  118. I wonder if it’ll be possible for the local gaming community to nominate our own GM for the next season, then sit around during the next qualifiers and block the doorways until they decide to let our guy take the job instead of some random douche we probably can’t trust.

    It’ll be fun, not to mention, either we get our way.. Or gamers will be thrown into a bad light by the media again.. Of which case we’ll continue to enjoy our games in the background, but we would have pulled down CGS with us.

  119. Okok I be GM 😛

  120. GO GO GO wilson GO GO GO

  121. http://gamesync.net/2008/05/08/phenic-to-sue-tetra-for-slander

    Anyone can verify this?

  122. Wtf? That guy seriously think that he can do things his own way. GGY.

  123. Hi Wilson,

    This is Daniel – we met when I was working for WCG’s main sponsor during the competition in 2005 and 2006.

    Throughout all our exchanges I’ve found you to be professional, dedicated and all-round nice guy. I think the outpouring of support from the local and global community already proves the kind of person that you are.

    Your removal from CGS is their loss and a blow to the Singapore gaming community. They can take away your place… but they can’t take away your skill or your attitude.

    Here’s wishing you the best in your future, and win this year’s WCG (not that you need to prove anything).

  124. Tetra I respect what you did, GM’s at CGS have to much power especially from region 1. They don’t care about gaming only care about friendships and not winning. Not all GM’s do this but most of them….or they are just plain idiots. Now that this was brought to light, I assume all CGS regions are “political” From experience I know from region 1 is all political. Belle is in only in CGS to pay for her school as college is very costly…this has to be an agreement from Lake and Moto. Stermy is a promo from fatality and backs/supports Optx. I think the Belle issue is sad because she is more known than the great Vanessa, and it’s a disgrace to pro gaming that a nobody is getting more famous than a somebody.

    Many players in CGS who know about this “political system” just keep their much shut because they are scared to be kicked out. You step up to the plate for all aspiring true pro gaming. I am happy to know that at least one player in the league actually did something about it and left an impression.

    The worst part is that the league protects GM’s to 100%…they screwed region one players over $5000+ left of pay, a lot of them had to rethink how to make up for their money.

    Overall CGS hurts pro gaming, and I am happy you exposed and slapped that bastard.

    Thanks again from reading

    A hidden voice from the USA!

  125. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/cna/20080509/tap-346791-231650b.html

    OMG what kind of crap reporters are they hiring these days. Do they even bother to research anything anymore?

    The bigger issue here is the dodgy selection processes within CGS and what seems to be corruption. But no. A “punch” is more newsworthy and sensational!

    Oh, I guess it takes too much of their precious time and brain cells to go dig deeper.

    Whatever happened to journalistic integrity.

  126. Hi Tetra, i’m not in the gaming scene but knew you as THE pro-gamer from singapore. Can sense the kinda pent-up anger that triggered your slap. From what i’ve read here and elsewhere, Phrenic had it coming. How did he become the GM anyway? Pro-gamers need pro-GM and from what i’ve read, he’s got no sense much less being a professional.

    Phrenic: If i were you, i’d have kept my gal out of the team to prevent any conflicts of interest. And if she’s in by her own merits, i’d have gone out off my way to make sure she really EARNED her spot in the team. Is this little bit of common-sense new to you or you thought you could get away with nepotism just coz you’re the GM? People sees, people talks. And a bad reputation follows you around for longer than you think.

    Tetra: Don’t give up on pro-gaming since it’s what you’re good at. People will see this as what it is: a one-off. Continue to build up your skills and participate. You’ve got enough of a following here & one good thing will usu lead to another.

  127. Although its just a rumor, disbanding the team over a personal incident is just so wrong imo…

    Why does the team have to pay for mistakes such as this? Granted that things like this could have been avoided by proper management skills and communication skills within the team. It is just too serious to disband an entire team for this.

    Future is more important than the past. People like Chompr are facing the future and not just the past. History are for there for people to learn from. CGS is there to grow and not to gripe over how to clean the mistakes off.

    If things keep happening to various teams, are teams going to be just disbanded one after another just for the one time “good look image” for CGS? CGS should try to grow the league even more such that everyone will be able to acknowledge that the league is a solid league. A solid league which can handle ANY problems that they faced. A league that can rival MLB, NBA, etc. Not just a “clean” outlook league.

    It is afterall a rumor.

    Dont anyone find it weird that in the article by CNA.

    “One eyewitness said Mr Chia appeared agitated after losing a series of games to a Chinese player. After losing another match to the same player on May 1, he threw away his controller and stormed off the stage.”

    Yet, there is no word that the manager did anything to help his player(me). Isn’t a manager suppose to help support the players? Or is the manager suppose to stand there looking good and watch the show? 🙂

  128. I am an avid gamer myself on the PC platform. When I read the Straits Time today (11 May 2008), I felt that indeed Singapore has a long way to go in the area of Professional Gaming. I do not know the real story, but after reading what you have mentioned, I noticed in the end, professional gaming is no difference from normal outside work – filled with politics and the smell of money. Whatever the case, Tetra, I would still hope to see you active in the gaming scene as it is rare for SG pple to have the priviledge to have their dream as a career. Dun worry, if CGS is closed for you, there is always another way cause the world is so big. Dun give up! Just make some adjustment to yourself and move on.

  129. Tetra, I forgot to mentioned. Whatever decision CGS will decide, it is their rights and a coporate decision. Gamers may say this and that, but please do not forget that a corporate did not spend money to generate negative account growth and a bad publicity.

    The most important now I feel is that you have to move on. I hope I wun get flame for saying this lol. Dun solely listen to all the gamers who openly support you in the area of their views towards CGS cause as I can see especially those who are not in your shoe, their views are tampered with emotion. You are young and talented in the area you are in. Much potential is in you – develope it further and move on. As long as you manage to grow, soon CGS will realise they have lost a valuable assets. Though I am a stranger to you, if you need someone to unload, feel free to email me at la2534hotmail.com. God bless and fly high.

  130. Hey Tetra, I might not know you personally, nor am I even part of the active gaming community now, but I do know the other party from about 8 years back… Let’s just say I can completely understood what you said about him, because he’s been like that since eons ago. He’s never grown up, never matured at all, even after all these years.

    I’d say he deserved that slap, and I wish I was there to see it. Yes, you shouldn’t have done it in front of everyone, but in a way, I’m glad you did. At least people now know the truth and just how badly he had managed the team.

    He can never lead, in my opinion. He just lacks the leadership qualities. Maybe a couple of leadership courses could help him, but I seriously doubt so.

    You had done SG proud, and I’m sure you can continue to do so by other means. A lot of people support you, and so do I.

  131. Fuking stupid ppl who choose that GM as SG’s GM. Obviously he is bias by choosing own Fiancee. fuking stupid idiot. die pls. useless gm, pls change new ppl thx.

  132. All the way tetra…..

  133. Apparently one is only good at banging a close one who is only good at being banged.

  134. Though not in the gaming industry, I have known Tetra for quite a long time, but I never seen him lose his temper before.

    Anyway.. sooner or later that bugger will get what he deserve.. maybe he might even get tight slaps from every other sgswords team members. It should be him that has to be removed for doing a suky job, Tetra is only a Gamer and he did very good job from what i know. No reason to ban a valuable player just for slapping someone who deserve to be slapped.

  135. To sum it all up, a scum who deserve to be punched, plus a slut who is only good for roasting purpose.

  136. Fatal Delusions here from the XBOX days if you do remember. Hey man, i remember when you first started playing amongst the SG community you picked up really fast and you had an obvious talent for 3D games. To reach where you are today, is truly commendable. So please don’t let the media get you down because they don’t know shit when it comes to the truth and they obviously love making a huge hoo-ha over such an incident. And whoeverthefuck Phenic is, GM or whoever, if hes not professional enough he should just GTFO(nice slap, but fucked up consequences tho =/) We know this isn’t the last time we’re gona hear about you so train hard and take a break in the meantime! Good luck..

  137. Machiam like a Pimp leading a team of professional gamers, tag along with a Whore

  138. http://gamesync.net/2008/05/13/doa-is-swords-weakest-link

  139. Hi tetra!

    Phenic really deserved it, by all means, he shouldn’t be a GM either.
    He think’s he’s wife is his first priority, not his team.

  140. own them back in the upcoming WCG man. All the best dood!

  141. Phenic is just plain selfish , abusing his power.IS HE BACKED UP BY CGS ?OTHERWISE WHY HES STILL NOT YET DISMISSED?
    Anyway.. sooner or later that bugger will get what he deserve.. maybe he might even get tight slaps from every other sgswords team members. It should be him that has to be removed for doing a suky job, Tetra is only a Gamer and he did very good job from what i know. No reason to ban a valuable player just for slapping someone who deserve to be slapped.

  142. Nice story man GL very inspireing
    I wanna be pro too. MLG!!

  143. Good luck on your journey to pro gaming! I heard MLG is really cool 😛

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